Hot Selling Led Lighted Furniture

We have a large variety of illuminated led nightclub furniture, including Portable led bars, Glow led cocktail tables, light up led coffee tables, lighted led chairs, light up led stools, led lighting sofas and couches, Luminous led bar stools, Glowing led lounge chairs, lit LED sunbeds etc. If you are looking for illuminated event furniture/glow led party furniture/outdoor led wedding furniture/lighted nightclub furniture/glowing led bar furniture, we are the right supplier!

Outdoor Kids Playground LED Equipment

We also pursues adding more new illuminated led items for outdoor playgrounds, themed park, garden, party and outdoor events. We have illuminated led Swing chair, glow led seesaw, lighted led tunnel, light up dance floor and so on.

Illuminated Led Event/Wedding/Party/Home Decor

The colorful Led decorative lighting items will create a special atmosphere for you, either outdoor or indoor. We have portable landscape lights(lawn lights): Led flower pot, outdoor led floor standing lamp, solar led orbs, and swimming pool floating led globes. More than this, we still have led mood lamps for example table lamps, led table centerpieces etc. 

New Arrival Products

We would continue to invest in the latest technologies and new styles of illuminated led furniture and decor to meet our clients' requirements. If you are looking for new glow led furniture and decorative lights, then look no further as this is our specialty

Shenzhen Awesome Technology Co., Ltd.-Glow LED Event and Lounge Furniture Expert-Illuminated Led Lighting Furniture and Decor Factory

Shenzhen Awesome Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2004 at the very beginning,. We are the leading manufacturer of Led illuminated furniture and decor, located in Guangdong, China. We engaged in this area since the year of 2006, our stuff has been covering various furniture items such as led bars, led tables, led chairs, led sofas, led bar stools, led ice  buckets, Led flower pots, and led decorative lights etc. We already have over 3000 customers including wholesalers,distributors and renters, event and wedding planner, bar/hotel/nightclub owner and so on.



Shenzhen Awesome Technology Co., Ltd. is a leader manufacturer in the illuminated led furniture and decorative lights.

With 14 years of experience our company continuously offer a variety of versatile and high quality products that far exceeds what our customers expect. Over the years we are fortunate to work with more than 3000 customers all over the world including world-class chain supermarkets, wholesalers, distributors, event and wedding planners, led lighting designers, furniture renters, hotels, nightclubs, bar and coffee shop owners, entertainment places etc.

Strict Quality Control

● Raw-material Test

● Triple Bult-in Test on Led lighting

● Full inspection on all finished products

● CE, FCC, ROHS Certified

Company capacity

● 6,000 m2 workshop

● 3 rotational machines

● 1 SMT machine

● 2 led assemble lines

Good Service

● Free spare parts offered

● 1-year Warranty for the light, 3-years warranty for plastic part

● OEM and ODM service

● Customization service


Through our continuous efforts, our stuff has been covering various furniture items such as led bar counter, led table, led seats, led sofa, led, led ice bucket, led flower pot, led back bar, led bottledisplay etc and led decor items.

Application Cases & Videos

Here we show some photos and videos of the cases that our clients use the illuminated led furniture and glow led decorative lights. Therefore you can understand how to mix different led furniture and decor items to achieve a nice lighting effect and atmosphere.

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